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Drink Real Desi Cow Milk (a2 milk)

Start everyday with good health


Haritas Desi cow milk which is fresh, organic and purest form of A2 milk, Buy and drink Haritas A2 milk to feel the difference.

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Walk with nature as intended to be and stay young, healthy and strong to live long…

‘Haritas’ Desi cow milk is fresh A2 milk as nature intended to be, our desi cows are grazed with natural nature gifted organic fodder and ayurvedic herbs to strengthen self and its milk, Thus ‘Haritas’ A2 cow milk brings you natures innate creation specially for you to live young and healthy

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Alert! Know what milk you drink


Over 90% of  milk available in market are so called “Just Milk “not known whose it is, just left to public imaginations, that means most of us drink so called “Just milk “ so don’t  drink some milk!

Desi cow A2 milk, fresh and organic cow milk in Bangalore

Haritas introducing Fresh and Pure desi cow A2 milk, we are committed to supply you nutritious, organic, pure fresh A2 milk.

We go that extra miles to make sure that our pure desi cow milk is as pure and fresh as it gets, so that you can savour the freshness of milk, we adhere to deliver the freshness of milk at your doorstep  in bottles from farm within few hour of milking, that’s as pure and fresh as it gets. Order it today!

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Traditional hand churned Desi cow ghee


Traditionally, Desi cow Ghee is considered for its well-known digestive and nutritional attributes,

nourishment of skin helping to keep young and healthy, it helps in memory retention,

promotes healthy hair, eyes and is known to sharpen memory

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Go-Ark / desi cow urine


go-ark in ayurvedic treatments has significant cure for many disease


Ancient ayurvedic texts like ‘charaka Samhita extol the utility of desi cow urine

It’s also said that desi cow urine has portion of minerals, hormones, enzymes,

natural antibodies and  immune defense agents which helps in removing toxins

in body and slows ageing and even other diseases including diabetes

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Boil milk before you use/ consume

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Agnihotra kit / Desi cow dung cakes


Simple way to spiritually purify the atmosphere


Agnihotra neutralizes negative energies and environment, fills one with love and well-being free of Anxieties or stress.

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